The window way magazine – March 2020 Issue 1

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New cathedral window magazine… Can you believe it?

 Here is a preview so you take a look and see for yourself every page is worth!

More than ten projects tutorials, schemes, photos, and videos. If you love cathedral window you can’t miss this bi-monthly magazine! Grab yours following the link.

14 thoughts on “The window way magazine – March 2020 Issue 1”

  1. Absolutely stunning! The detail s are amazing. Instructions are so clear and easy to follow. The photos are exquisite. The best quilting magazine I’ve ever seen. Please share’s so inspiring. Thank you Victoria for sharing your lovely work!

  2. Victoria –
    I Just saw your site The Window Way for the first time. I am hoping you can help me with a vexing issue.
    My late mother-in-law, Jean, left me a partially completed Cathedral Windows quilt more than 30 years ago. I can’t be certain, but it probably was meant for a double or queen bed. We have 3 grown daughters and I would like to finish it to make 3 throws. I would LOVE to include part of what she finished in each throw. I cannot come up with a way to divide it. The seams in the muslin run under the colored fabric squares, of course. I could use all of what she has done in one throw, but it would be most meaningful if each throw included some of Jean’s original work.
    Any guidance would be most welcome.
    Many thanks! Beth


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