I think Santa will love cathedral window stocking!

Let’s make them with this step by step tutorial!

I had always wanted to design some stockings with cathedral window technique. Everything I like, I want to try on cathedral window!!

In this case, I worked with small square classic units so that the stocking was delicate and elegant.

I made 32 classic units in muslin. I cut the 32 inserts in red solid cotton and I closed each unit. Then, I arranged them as follows.

I cut the windows and I placed them over the cathedral window base. I secure the fabric with pins and I applied the windows.

I cut the stocking body pieces and I placed over the big cathedral window piece, facing the right sides and I sewed, leaving 1/4″ seam allowance. I cut the excess of the cathedral window piece (believe me, it hurts!), and I turned it right. I pressed well.

I placed the second piece, facing the right sides and I sewed, leaving 1/4″ seam allowance.
I joined the piece left with the small cathedral window piece, right sides facing, and I sewed. I pressed well, again.
I placed these two pieces right sides facing and I pined them together as shown in the picture. I sewed and turned it right.

I joined this part with the body and I lined them up, matching the two upper borders. I cut a strip of muslin. Then, I folded the entire strip in half lengthwise and I pressed.

I started pinning in the middle of one side of the front of the stocking, joining the two pieces together. (If you like, add a little strip to hang the stocking when it is done) I pinned it down. When I got to the beginning, I joined the two ends and sewed them.

I pinned to the border and I sewed. I folded the edge of the binding over to the inside and pinned it down. With an invisible stitch, I sewed all around. Then, I pressed carefully.

Now, I think you agree with me: Santa will love these stocking to fill with little gifts and big love!!

You’ll find a complete step by step tutorial, with the measurements and templates here. And you could try these, too! Click on the images to check the tutorials.

Thanks for spending your time in my blog!! Time and attention are very precious gifts.

God bless you!

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