How to make a cathedral window Christmas tree skirt.

This unique cathedral window Christmas tree skirt will be the center of attention under the presents and the tree.

Cathedral window Christmas tree skirt tutorial and patterns

First, I cut the pieces for the fan using a variation of my “dresden” block. This is the “fold and sew” method. I cut the base pieces with green, red, and white dotted fabric and the folded pieces with muslin. I made ten units of each one.

Cathedral window Christmas tree skirt tutorial and patterns

I join the units and I prepared ten fan sections like in the scheme. I sewed them, finishing in this way, the base of the tree skirt. I left one side open so I can place the skirt easily)

I cut a piece of muslin the same shape as the tree skirt and I placed it onto the table. I placed the base of the skirt over it. I cut the windows and I put them over the base. I secured the three layers of fabric with pins and I applied the windows.

Cathedral window Christmas tree skirt tutorial and patterns

To make the binding, I cut 4 strips of red cotton and I sewed them together end to end to make one long strip. On the curved edge, I stretched the bias strip and I made a small crease in the concave area on the outside. I sewed, then fold over. With an invisible stitch, I sewed all around and I pressed.

If you prefer to have all the info ready to download on your device I offer you this PDF on Etsy. You will find clear step-by-step instructions, templates, and photos in one place. (NOTE: All the material I include in this PDF, can find it here for free in the blog!) You’ll learn how to make this unique project easy and fun! Check the content!

1-Getting started
Introduction to the cathedral window technique
History overview
Three basic methods description
Which one is the best and for what
2-Units and blocks
Practice with muslin
How to make the units
How to make the block
Video tutorial

3-The project
Materials – Size
Base construction (units and blocks)
Applying the windows
4-Useful tools
How to use the templates
How to deal with seams
How to apply the windows
How to choose the best fabrics
How to choose the color palette


Cathedral window tree skirt. PDF patterns and tutorial.

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