How to make A Cathedral Window Christmas Wreath?

I believe that the elegance and beauty of the cathedral window technique deserve to be part of the Christmas decorations. And why not a cathedral window Christmas wreath for the front door?

Cathedral Window Christmas Wreath tutorial and patterns

The block

I had already prepared a rectangular wall hanging, so I did not want to do the same. I was thinking, rather of something circular or oval in shape. So I took my “Dresden” block and tweaked it a bit to shape what I had imagined.

First I removed the center, to make it hollow, and then I transformed the units.

In this method, each unit has three pieces: the base and two folded pieces that make one side of the frame. I cut the pieces and I folded the fabric of the frames (W1 and W2) pressing well. Then, I placed the two folded pieces over the base fabric, and I sewed the three pieces, respecting the seam allowance. I did the same for every unit until I finished the block. I made four sections and I sewed them together to complete the base of the cathedral window wreath.


The windows

Then, I cut a piece of muslin in the same shape as the wreath and I placed it onto the table. I put the base of the fan over it.

I prepare the windows and arrange them over the base and I secured the three layers with pins and I applied the windows.

cathedral window Christmas wreath window plan

With blue floral cotton, I made the binding. And with muslin, I applied the hanging sleeve on the back.

And that’s it!! It is a great project to make, an original cathedral window Christmas wreath to enjoy with the family. You could use it as a centerpiece, too!

You’ll find a complete step-by-step tutorial, with the measurements and templates here.

Cathedral Window Christmas Wreath

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