How to make a Cathedral Window Advent Calendar

How about we wait for Christmas with an elegant Cathedral Window Advent Calendar? You only have to make 25 classic cathedral window units to form the pockets where you can store a card or treat that you like to give away. The fan section will be a breeze with this method.

I find it has an Art Deco vibe to it, with that fan of windows on top that I really liked when I designed it. Hope you like it too.

The block

Now, I’m going to tell you how I made it. First, I prepared the pocket section. I was not sure if it would look good, it was several attempts!

I used the traditional technique to make cathedral window. You just cut squares of fabric and fold them twice to the center. Then join the squares to form the window shape.

I made 25 classic muslin units and before closing them I inserted a square of red, gold, or green fabric as appropriate. In the photo, you can see the layout.

I closed each unit with a few stitches in the center. Then I started sewing the window frames, folding the fabric inward, and sewing with an invisible stitch.

I cut strips of golden cotton, then I folded the strips in the middle and at a 1/4″ from the edge and pressed well. I joined the little strips with the squares units and I sewed them.

I made five rows like this. Then, I took one long strip and joined it with a row of square units. I sewed them with a zig-zag stitch, but only by the bottom of the row. I made four rows in this way, and I left the last one without the bottom strip. I cut a square of muslin and I placed the rows over it. I sewed all the rows leaving open the top for the pocket.


The buttons

When they were all finished, I placed each fabric-covered button in the center and sewed it.

To make the numbers I used my printer and freezer paper with waterproof ink and muslin. I followed this great tutorial and it printed nicely. Then I cut the fabric and
covered the buttons with each number. You can use this method or add whatever button or decoration you prefer.

Printed fabric to cover the buttons

The fan block

To make the fan section, I cut the pieces from my Dresden Block templates, and then I made the units. Every unit has a base and two folded pieces placed over and forms a side of the window frame. I cut the base pieces with green fabric and the folded pieces with muslin. I prepared five units of each one and I sewed them together.


Then, I cut a piece of muslin the same shape as the fan and I placed it onto the table. I placed the base of the fan over it. I cut the windows and I placed them over the base. I secured the three layers with pins and I applied the windows.

I joined the fan and the pocket section and I sewed them together. I took the last long golden strip left and applied it over the space between the two parts.


With red cotton, I made the binding. And with muslin, I applied the hanging sleeve on the back.

And that’s it!! It is a great project to make, an original cathedral window advent calendar to enjoy with the family. Add whatever little gift or treat you want to give.

You’ll find a complete step-by-step tutorial, with the measurements and templates here.


For a green version of this beautiful cathedral window advent calendar, click here. And for the blue one click here.

Thanks for spending your time on my blog!! Time and attention are very precious gifts.

God bless you!

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