How I made this cathedral window art quilt, inspired by the song “Homing”

Let’s take a look at the techniques and the process of making this beautiful cathedral window art quilt. Beadwork, embroidery, and a variation of the classical method, all come together to express the deep feelings this song brought to me.

Cathedral window wall hanging “Homing”

The song “Homing”

The music of this beautiful son was writing by Teresa del Riego. The lyrics, by Arthur L. Salmon. In this version, we can hear the special voice of Joan Sutherland (you can hear the song here).


All things come home at eventide,

Like birds weary of their roaming,

And I would hasten to thy side,


Oh! Dearest, I have wandered far,

From daybreak to the twilight gloaming,

I come back with the evening star,


Thou art my hunger and my need,

The goal and solace of my roaming,

Be thou my haven when I speed,


The cathedral window art quilt

I listened to the song and felt that we are all returning to God, after so many experiences, we all long to return to our home.

With this feeling surrounding me, I began to draw everything that is important in my life. Sad and happy moments, lights and shadows as in any human life.

I began to feel that there was always, in each of those moments, something like a path, a direction. A loving Presence that directed me and directs me back HOME.

Just like that, my childhood, my sisters, my dear children, my precious future old age, my soul appeared …
The butterflies, the doves, the LIGHT.

With all these feelings, I finished my drawings and prepared them to print on fabric and create the windows for my wall hanging.


The base and the windows

For the base of the cathedral window art quilt, I used the classic method with rectangular units, which allowed me to vary the shape of the windows.

When the entire base was completed, I began to apply the windows, keeping my design in mind, looking for the cold and dark colors around the edge to highlight the radiant light from the center.


The line of butterflies in gold completes the journey by going back to the edge, unifying my whole life in a cycle that can only end in God.

cathedral window art quilt

Then, the most intense part of the work began, since I wanted to embroider each space between the windows to express how the Light fills and runs through all of life.

cathedral window art quilt

I left the center of the Light for last, to embroider it with many white beads!


I finished the entire border with the same flowers from the wall hanging, with their tips radiating outwards I wanted to express how the Light goes out into the world and transforms it.


And this is the final result! Six months of love sewn into this wall hanging. Isn’t that why we make cathedral window quilts? Let me know how this makes you feel in the comments, share your story!

Thanks for spending your time on my blog!! Time and attention are very precious gifts.

God bless you!

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