Cathedral window round cushion tutorial.

Get ready and try this cathedral window round cushion tutorial. You have three versions to choose from with the same pattern!

Cathedral window quilt pattern the window way
cathedral window cushion tutorial

Cathedral window round cushion: “Dresden” block

To make this project you will use the “Fold and sew” method, Dresden version.

This means that you will cut pieces of fabric and then make the units.

Every unit has a base and two folded pieces placed over.

Each unit forms a side of the window frame.


Cut the pieces according to the templates.
Fold the fabric of the frames (W1 and W2) and press well.
Be careful with the bias of the fabric.
Place the two folded pieces over the base fabric.
Sew the three pieces together at a 1/4 inch

TIP: Practice with muslin until you feel comfortable with the technique and then start with the project.

The units for the cathedral window Dresden pattern


To make the units, you are going to work with the templates. If you look closely you will see that each one has several indications. In the section “Templates: Fold and sew units” you will find a detailed explanation about how to use them. Check it out!

You have a template with the name “Base” and two others with the names W1 and W2. The base template is the one indicated for the bottom of the unit and the two W templates will be used to cut those parts of the unit that are folded and placed over the base piece.

Follow the link to the FREE PDF  and you can print the templates for the units and the windows.

Unit A


Unit C


Unit B (left and right)


The block construction


Joining the units as shown in the diagram we will make a sector of the circumference. After that, with these sectors together, you will get a circular design, perfect for creating cushions and centerpieces.
First, join and sew the units C together and press the seams open.
Similarly, join and sew unit A with two unit B. As you see, you have a Y-seam to make. So, take unit B and sew to unit A leaving point c open (take a look at the scheme above). Make the same with the other unit B. After that, join the two units B margins, and sew them, leaving point c open. Check the “Y-seams perfect” and you will find step-by-step instructions.


Join units C and B. Sew and press the seams open.


Make the blocks you need for your project. In this case that you want to make a complete circle, you should make ten sectors. It is important to be neat in the center of the circumference. If at any time the base is not flat, it means that we have to adjust the seams in the center to achieve it.

cathedral window round cushion

The windows plan for cathedral window round cushion

When you finish the base of your project is the time of the windows!


Get a piece of fabric the same size as the base. Place it over the table and the base of your work over this fabric.

Cut the windows with the templates and put them over the frames. Secure them with a pin through all layers of fabric. Also, you can add batting between the base and the backing fabric and quilt your work while applying the windows.

Sew the windows by machine or by hand. Roll the border of the frame over the window fabric and sew, corner to corner until you’re done. Be careful in the center, the frames will overlap a little. Check the “Applying the windows” section for a step by step instructions.


Remember: you can choose the color of each piece of every unit. So be creative and enjoy the freedom of this cathedral window quilt pattern variation!

Cathedral window round cushion: Dresden Pink caramel.

cathedral window cushion tutorial
Cathedral window round cushion

1 1/2 yards of pale pink cotton (42” width)
1 fat quarter of caramel cotton
1 fat quarter of dark pink cotton
1 fat quarter of printed cotton fabric
Preferred stuffing material
Size: 21″

These are the units you need to make the cushion. The next scheme will help you put every unit in its correct place.


Remember that each unit has a base and two folded pieces placed over this base. Cut all the folded pieces in pale cotton.
The bases, in dark pink and caramel for the center. Prepare ten sections and arrange them like in the scheme. Sew all the blocks to finish the base of the cushion.


Cut a piece of muslin to backing the cushion front. Cut the windows with the templates and place them over the base. Secure the three layers of fabric with pins and start applying the windows.

Finishing the cushion
Now, cut two pieces of pale cotton for the back of the cushion, like in the scheme. Fold and sew the border that will be the opening. Place them over the front part, right sides together.
Sew all around. Turn right side out and fill with your preferred stuffing material.

Cathedral window round cushion: Dresden Blue Delft and Light blue.

Cathedral window round cushion: Blue Delft
Cathedral window round cushion: Light blue

1 1/2 yards of muslin for the base and the back (42” width)
1 fat quarter of blue and white printed cotton or light blue cotton
Preferred stuffing material
Size: 21″

Follow the same instruction you learned before and replace the pale pink fabric with muslin or white cotton.

In addition, this video will show you the steps to make this beautiful cathedral window round cushion easy and fun.

I hope you try it out!

If you prefer to have all the info ready to download on your device I offer you these tutorials in a PDF version. You will find clear step-by-step instructions, templates, and photos in one place. (NOTE: All the material I include in these PDFs, can find it here for free in the blog!) You’ll learn how to make these unique projects easy and fun! Check the content!

1-Getting started
Introduction to the cathedral window technique
History overview
Three basic methods description
Which one is the best and for what
2-Units and blocks
Practice with muslin
How to make the units
How to make the block
Video tutorial

3-The project
Materials – Size
Base construction (units and blocks)
Applying the windows
4-Useful tools
How to use the templates
How to deal with seams
How to apply the windows
How to choose the best fabrics
How to choose the color palette


“Pink caramel” cathedral window round cushion. PDF patterns and tutorial.


“Blue Delft” cathedral window round cushion. PDF patterns and tutorial.

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Cathedral window quilt pattern the window way

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