Cathedral Window Blocks Ebook

This ebook is aimed to all those people who always wanted to make cathedral window projects, asking themselves how they could achieve the characteristic and elegant forms of this technique and perhaps also how they could change these shapes. 

From traditional techniques to the most daring developments, in this book, you can explore and learn the bases to face any project with confidence.

It is a complete cathedral window course! 

You will learn the different ways to make cathedral window technique while you create all these blocks.

And in ONE place!

Each block video tutorial will guide you, too.


In the book you will find all the elements you will need to learn easily. Look at these preview pages: step by step photos, schemes, and templates. It has got all covered!

Cathedral window flying geese tutorial

This Ebook is FOR YOU IF

You always wanted to make a cathedral window project, but you did not yet.

You already made a cathedral window project and you want more challenges.

You ask yourself how you could achieve the characteristic and elegant forms of this technique. 

You want to know how you could change these shapes. 

You want to explore and learn the bases to face any project with confidence.

Actually, this Ebook is like a complete cathedral window course! Check the content!

1-Getting started

  • Introduction to the cathedral window technique
  • History overview
  • Three basic methods description
  • Which one is the best and for what

2-Fold and press method

The traditional way to make cathedral window: cut the pieces and fold. Press. Fold again and press. Then sew.

  • square block
  • rectangular block
  • triangular block

3-Fold and sew method

The fast way to make cathedral window: cut the pieces and fold. Press. Sew.

  • square and rectangular block
  • “Dresden” block
  • “Flying Geese” block
  • “Hexies” block
  • “Roses” block
  • “Luminosa” block
  • “Star and Crosses” block

4-Useful tools

  • How to use the templates
  • How to deal with seams
  • How to apply the windows
  • How to choose the best fabrics
  • How to choose the color palette
  • Cathedral window blocks video library
  • Printer-friendly pdf patterns

About cathedral window technique

Usually, I read comments about cathedral window and for some people is hard. I understand, I felt the same when I started.

All the things I learned and the difficulties I had when I first tried cathedral window allowed me to know now what you might need to feel confident and try it!

Having this in mind I included all the pedagogic tools I know so you can have a great experience learning cathedral window technique.

  • Step by step photo instructions
  • Video tutorial
  • Printer-friendly PDF
  • 100% size templates
  • Clear schemes to guide you
  • Useful tools 
  • Tips and little secrets

Frequently asked questions

What level of skill do I need to make the project?

You need a beginner level skill since the instructions and the tools are designed to cover all the step of the process. 

What do I get when I purchase the Ebook?

You will receive:

  • PDF with all the instructions you will need to make the blocks.
  • The templates to cut the pieces
  • A printer-friendly PDF for each block so you can have the basic instructions handly while you are working.
  • A complete step by step video tutorial  for each block

Is it an instant download?

Yes! Your files will be available once your payment is confirmed.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of the product, refunds cannot be offered on digital file products – please read all the information carefully before you purchase. 

Do you have a copyright policy?

Yes, and is as simple as this: the ebook may not be distributed, resold or copied, either in whole or in part or in any format. Permission is granted to make and sell this project on a small, handmade scale (please credit The Window Way)

You can send me an email if you have any other questions or concerns. I will be glad to help and chat.