Easy cathedral window free pattern variation: PDF and video tutorial.

Try this easy cathedral window free pattern variation and you will see all the window shapes and sizes you get in no time!

Fold and sew method: square and rectangular units.

Cathedral window quilt pattern the window way

In this technique, you work with three pieces of fabric to make a unit. The base and two folded pieces.

This folded pieces are placed over the base to make the unit.

Each unit builds the window frame.

Now, you are going to learn one of the most versatile ways to do “cathedral window” projects. With only three units (A, B, and C) you can build different window shapes and new arrangements!

Below I show you several blocks and what the windows would look like when building them, so you can get an idea of all the variations that you can achieve.

Each unit has a different shade of pink, so you can identify them.

You will realize that with each combination you get a new window shape. Then you can combine these blocks into larger groups and observe new effects.

The shapes in white represent the windows. For each of these windows, you have the templates in the PDF. You can identify them by their number. Please, download this easy cathedral window pattern here so you can print the templates for the units and the windows.

For example, if you want to make window number 1, you have to join and sew four units A. For the window shape number 3 join and sew four units B. For window number 2, join and sew the units A and B, then units C and B. After this, join and sew all together.
In this tutorial, you will learn how to sew the units and the blocks so you can start planning your next cathedral window project with all these new shapes.

The units

To make the units, you are going to work with the templates. If you look closely you will see that each one has several indications. In the section “Templates: Fold and sew units” you will find a detailed explanation about how to use them. For now, I want you to get an idea of how to make each unit.

You have a template with the name “Base” and two others with the names W1 and W2. The base template is the one indicated for the bottom of the unit and the two W templates will be used to cut those parts of the unit that are folded and placed over the base piece.

Cut the pieces according to the templates.
Fold the fabric of the frames (W1 and W2) and press well.
Be careful with the bias of the fabric.
Place the two folded pieces over the base fabric.
Sew the three pieces together at a 1/4 inch


Choose the type of windows you want to include in your project.

You can draw a picture to guide you.

See what units you will need to build your design and how many of each you will use.

Make the necessary units to build the blocks.

The block

Join the different units and see how the block looks like.
Take two units and join them, matching the margins. Sew them to 1/4 inch, guiding you with the marking of your sewing machine.
Yes, the seams are bulky.
It is the only drawback of this method, the seam allowances since we are working with six layers of fabric!
When you work with soft and fine fabrics you can press the seams open, if the fabrics are thicker it is convenient to grade the seams and then press open.
Join and sew the two pairs of units and sew them, nesting the seams.
Grade the seams and press open.
Make the same with all the blocks until you finish the base of your project.


The windows


Well, you have finished the base of your project!
Now, cut a piece of fabric the same size as the base. Place it over the table. Place the base of your work over this fabric.
Cut the windows with the templates and place them over the frames. Secure them with a pin through all layers of fabric. Work by sections if you feel more comfortable. And you can add batting between the base and the backing fabric and quilt your work while applying the windows, too.

Sew the windows by machine or by hand. Roll the border of the frame over the window fabric and sew, corner to corner until
you’re done. Check the “Applying the windows” section for a step by step instructions.


It is important to note that with this method you can choose the color of each piece of the unit.
This will give you more freedom when doing your projects.
Also, you can work comfortably with the application of the windows and exceed the limit presented by the flower units that we saw in the “Fold and press squares” Flower units section. You don’t have to secure the base to 1/4-inch and the window frames can close properly.

Watch the Cathedral window tutorial video so you can learn how to make this block and use it to create a great project!

I hope you enjoy this easy cathedral window free pattern and give it a try.

Check these project tutorials to practice what you have learned!

Thanks for spending your time on my blog!! Time and attention are very precious gifts.

God bless you!

Cathedral window quilt pattern the window way

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