How to make an easy cathedral window cushion in one day

If you do not want to fold and sew and fold and sew again, this easy cathedral window cushion, will make you smile! It is easy and fun, and quick. You only have to fold and sew.

Cathedral window fold and sew square block

This method, popularized by Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Company is easy and fun. Sure, you have already seen her video!

In my tutorials, I explore all the variations you can make with this way of making cathedral window quilts. But, in this post, I want to start with the basic square block.

To make one side of the window frame, I work with three pieces of fabric: the square base and two folded pieces placed over this base. This is the unit that will form the block.


I join these units taking care of matching the borders of the frames and I sew with a ¼’ seam.
Four of these units make a complete window. I press open the seams to reduce the bulk.


I make the same with the other two squares and then I join and sew all together. I trim the seams and press carefully. Check the video tutorial here.


Make nine of these blocks and sew them together to make the front of the cushion.


I place the window fabric over the frame. I fold the border of the window frame over the window fabric. I sew by machine, but you can do it by hand. Check the “Applying the windows” section for a step by step instructions. And these are the templates to cut the squares.


How do you think? Pretty easy! I made this easy cathedral window cushion and I really enjoyed it! I finished it in one day!

Check the “Cathedral Window Quilt” FREE COURSE and you will find more blocks and projects to make.

easy cathedral window cushion free pattern and video tutorial

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