Cathedral window runner with appliqué border. Patterns and video tutorial.

Combine a simple cathedral window runner with appliqué border to create a beautiful combo. The masterpiece of your table or bed! The video tutorial will guide you step-by-step from beginning to end.

Cathedral window runner "Blue waves" Pattern and video tutorial
Cathedral window runner: “Blue waves”

Cathedral window runner with apliqué borders

To make this project you will use the “Fold and sew” method, “Squares” version.
This means that you will cut pieces of fabric and then make the units. Every unit has a base and two folded pieces placed over it. Each unit forms a side of the window frame.

Watch this complete video tutorial to make the runner. Practice with muslin until you feel comfortable with the technique and then start with the project.


2 yards of blue cotton (42” width)
3 yards of muslin (42″)
1/2 yard of printed blue cotton for appliqués

Size: 62″ x 22”

How to make the units?

This is the unit you need to make the runner. The next schemes and photos will help you put every unit in its correct place.


Cut the pieces for the units with the templates.

Print the templates on a letter-size sheet. You can download them here.

Remember that each unit has a base and two folded pieces placed over this base. Cut the bases in blue and the folded pieces in muslin.

Fold the fabric of the frames and press well. Be careful with the bias of the fabric. Place the two folded pieces over the base fabric. Sew all around.

Cathedral window runner: making the units
Cathedral window runner: making the units

Take two units and sew them together. Make the same with another pair and then
sew the two pairs together to make a frame.

Cathedral window Blue waves runner making the frames
Cathedral window Blue waves runner making the frames

The base of the cathedral window runner

Repeat these steps and make six rows of seven frames like in the scheme.

Join and sew the rows, making two panels of 7 x 3 frames.

Cathedral window runner tutorial scheme 2
Cathedral window runner tutorial scheme 2

Prepare two pieces of muslin to back the two panels of the cathedral window runner with appliqué borders. Cut the windows with the templates in muslin and place them over the base. Secure the three layers of fabric with pins and start applying the windows. Check the “Applying the windows” section for a step-by-step explanation.
In this case, I only make the frames without any windows inside because I wanted to show up the joins, but you can apply them if you prefer.


Join and sew the two panels and make the last frames.
You complete the center of this beautiful cathedral window runner.
Now, let’s prepare the borders!

The borders

Cut two 22.5″ x 6″ pieces of blue cotton (plus seam allowance) for the top and bottom edges.
Cut four 6“ x 25 ” pieces of blue cotton (plus the seam allowance). Join and sew them to make two long strips of 50″ x 6″.
Cut two 31″ x 22.5 ” pieces of muslin (plus the seam allowance) for the back.

Join each long strip to the left and right edge of the runner and sew.
Then take the two 22.5″ x 6″ pieces and sew them to the top and bottom ends of the runner. Press well.

With the templates, cut the waves, the leaves, and the circles and prepare all these pieces to apply them over the blue borders.


I don’t use the freezer paper method, I only fold the margins to the inside and place the piece over the fabric. Then, I sew by machine with a tiny zig-zag stitch.

Place the pieces over the borders following the scheme. Apply them by machine or by hand.

Cathedral window runner tutorial scheme 4
Cathedral window Blue waves runner tutorial: borders
Cathedral window Blue waves runner tutorial: borders

Take the two pieces of muslin for the back of the runner and sew them together by the shorter side. Leave an opening in the middle.

Now, place this piece on the runner facing their right sides.
Sew all around the edge. Turn all the work right. Leave the edges and corners neat and iron well.
Sew the opening in the back with an invisible stitch.

I love trying something new for the embellishments of the frames. In this case, I’ll show you how to make this lovely Korean decoration. It is a symbol of good luck and fortune!
So, cut a circle or a square of muslin and roll the edges to the center on both sides. Then, fold the strip in the middle and secure it with some stitches. Cut the excess fabric and open it up to the sides. Now you can apply to the frames with more stitches.
I made 64 for the runner and I apply them one by one! It is optional and you can add whatever embellishment you prefer, of course.
I made, at first all in blue cotton and muslin, but then I change my mind and paint all the embellishments and the applied pieces because I wasn’t happy with the results.
Choose carefully BEFORE.

Cathedral window Blue waves runner Korean decoration
Cathedral window Blue waves runner Korean decoration

And this is the final result!! What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


If you prefer to have all the info ready to download on your device I offer you this PDF on Etsy. You will find clear step-by-step instructions, templates, and photos in one place. (NOTE: All the material I include in this PDF, can find it here for free in the blog!) You’ll learn how to make this unique project easy and fun! Check the content!

1-Getting started
Introduction to the cathedral window technique
History overview
Three basic methods description
Which one is the best and for what
2-Units and blocks
Practice with muslin
How to make the units
How to make the block
Video tutorial

3-The project
Materials – Size
Base construction (units and blocks)
Applying the windows
4-Useful tools
How to use the templates
How to deal with seams
How to apply the windows
How to choose the best fabrics
How to choose the color palette

Thanks for spending your time on my blog!! Time and attention are very precious gifts.

God bless you!

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