Cathedral window baby quilt: “Sweet pink”

Try this colorful and soft cathedral window baby quilt! You can make it by machine or by hand and enjoy!

cathedral window baby quilt cathedral window pattern
Cathedral window quilt: “Sweet pink”

Cathedral window baby quilt

This project is made with the traditional technique to make cathedral window. You just cut squares of fabric and fold them twice to the center. Then join the squares to form the window shape.

A variation of the traditional block: the flower shape unit. You just have to fill the inside of the square with a different fabric to contrast. When you make the window, the fabric shows up and forms a beautiful flower!

Follow the link to find a complete tutorial with schemes and videos to make the square flower units. Practice with muslin until you feel comfortable with the technique and then start with the project.
Cathedral window fold and press method, square unit.


I included this project in the Cathedral window quilts 1 Book, where you’ll find more than ten projects to make easy and fun. Differents blocks and cathedral window variations in one place! PDF, EBOOK, and PRINTED VERSIONS.

cathedral window baby quilt detail cathedral window pattern


3 yards of muslin (42” width)
2 yards of yellow cotton (42” width)
1 yard of light blue cotton (42” width)
1/2 yard of pink cotton (42” width)

Size: 32″ x 43”

The units for the cathedral window baby quilt

These are the units you need to make the quilt. The next schemes will help you place every unit in its correct place.

Scheme Units you need to make the cathedral window baby quilt
Units to make the quilt

Cut 108 units in muslin with the templates and follow the instructions of the Cathedral window fold and press method, square unit section. Print the templates on a letter-size sheet. You can download them here.

Make 56 flower units inserting the yellow square.
Make 14 flower units inserting the pink square.
The inserts for the units left are a combination of pink and yellow fabric. Prepare the inserts cutting the pieces with the templates and sew. Trim and press well. Place the pieced inserts into the envelope square and close.
When you have all the units done, join them and sew them together whit a zig-zag stitch or by hand.

Piecing Units inserts for the flower units cathedral window pattern
Piecing Units inserts

Applying the windows

Cut a piece of yellow fabric to backing the quilt. Cut the windows with the templates and place them over the base. Secure the three layers of fabric with pins and start applying the windows. Check the “Applying the windows” section for a step-by-step explanation. Check the photo to find the place of every window.

Cathedral window baby quilt The windows

Finishing the quilt

To make the binding, cut four strips 40″ x 1,5″ of light blue fabric and sew them together end to end to make one long strip. Use a 1/4″ seam allowance and press open. Then fold the entire strip in half lengthwise and press.
Start pinning in the middle of one side of the front of the quilt, when you get to a corner, pin at a 45 angle, fold the strip and continue to the next border. When you get to the beginning, join the two ends and sew. Pin it to the quilt and sew.
Fold the folded edge of the binding over to the back of the quilt and pin it down. With an invisible stitch, sew all around. Press.


If you prefer to have all the info ready to download on your device I offer you this PDF on Etsy. You will find clear step-by-step instructions, templates, and photos in one place. (NOTE: All the material I included in this PDF, you can find it here in the blog!) You’ll learn how to make this unique project easy and fun! Check the content!

1-Getting started
Introduction to the cathedral window technique
History overview
Three basic methods description
Which one is the best and for what
2-Units and blocks
Practice with muslin
How to make the units
How to make the block
Video tutorial

3-The project
Materials – Size
Base construction (units and blocks)
Applying the windows
4-Useful tools
How to use the templates
How to deal with seams
How to apply the windows
How to choose the best fabrics
How to choose the color palette

cathedral window baby quilt pdf tutorial

“Sweet pink” cathedral window quilt. PDF patterns and tutorial.

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Cathedral window quilt pattern the window way

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