Create a cathedral window cushion cover that you will love!

To make this cathedral window cushion cover, you will no longer work with squares of fabric. You cut the original shape with a template and then fold twice to get a rectangular unit that forms the block. This variation adds differents shapes of windows to the design.

cathedral window cushion cover


This is the classic method to make cathedral window technique. Make the units folding the piece of fabric twice.

Then line up the units and make the window frame. You can sew it by machine or by hand.

Check the Cathedral window quilt course: rectangular units for a step by step tutorial to make the units. There you will also find the templates for the units and the windows to free download them. A video tutorial will help you too!

cathedral window cushion cover


2 yards of muslin for the bases and the back (44” width)
1 fat quarter of blue printed cotton for the windows
A 19″ x 19″ piece of muslin.

Size: 18″ x 18″

These are the units you need to make the cathedral window cushion cover. The next scheme will help you place every unit in its correct place.


Cut 12 big units and 8 small units in muslin with the templates.

Remember you will find all the templates in the PDF file you can download it here: Cathedral window quilt course: rectangular units.

When you have all the units done, join them and sew them together whit a zig-zag stitch or by hand.

cathedral window cushion cover

Cut the windows with the templates and place them over the base. Secure all the layers of fabric with pins and start applying the windows. Check the “Applying the windows” section for a step by step explanation. Check the photo to find the place of every window.
Trim the work by the lines shown in the previous scheme. The final size must be about 18,5″

Finishing the cushion

Cut one piece of muslin, the same size as the cushion.

Place the front part of the cushion onto it. Cut two pieces of muslin for the back of the cushion, like in the scheme. Fold and sew the border that will be the opening. Place them over the front part, right sides together. Sew all around. Turn right side out and fill with your preferred stuffing material. You could add some buttons.

cathedral window cushion cover

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