I am Victoria, and I love cathedral window technique. I hope you too!

      I’m from Argentina (yes! you read right). I live in a beautiful town, San Carlos de Bariloche (mountains, blue lakes, snow… ZERO quilting shops near (can you believe it?!? I’m a survivor, I know, haha).  

      I created The Window Way
because I love cathedral window technique and I want to share with you this love.

      I always thank God for all His blessings.

Thanks for being here and God bless you.

      You can contact me with any questions you may have, I would love to help you! For you, of course, and for me because answering is one of the best ways to keep learning!
      Thank you very much for your time and trust.
      They are very valuable to me.

Send any informations to victoria@thewindowway.com

And If you’re surfing the social media waves, we can meet here