Cathedral window tutorials

Do you want to make a complete cathedral window project? The easy and fun way to learn cathedral window techniques in one place! Inspiration, tutorials, courses and videos will help you to create and finish those projects right away!

The Window Way Magazine

There are so many quilting magazines but... cathedral window only?

cathedral window magazine

Well, here you have a magazine devoted to cathedral window technique. More than 10 tutorials with step by step instructions, schemes, and videos. Interviews, inspiration and more... Take a look, every page is worth it.​

Absolutely stunning! The detail s are amazing. Instructions are so clear and easy to follow. The photos are exquisite. The best quilting magazine I’ve ever seen. Please share’s so inspiring. Thank you Victoria for sharing your lovely work!.
Jill Becker
It’s like the candy store they are all so good!
Gini Colby

PDF Tutorials to download

Step by step instructions, photos, schemes, and videos are available for you! You can now create and finish your cathedral window projects easy and fun.

Cathedral window Block Video Library

In each video, you'll learn how to make cathedral window blocks. You can download the templates and follow the instructions with the help of a step by step photo tutorial.